A New Way of Giving Back

Resilient Foods is a buy one, give one food company inspired by the ecological definition of resilience in the environment; overcoming and adapting to cataclysmic shock like forest fires, landslides, earthquakes. We all in times of need require moments of resilience to bounce back from trauma and in this way, sharing a snack or meal can allow someone experiencing food insecurity to focus not on where their next meal comes from, but rather what they must do to overcome long-term hunger and poverty. We look to honor all consumers through dignity of choice and enable them to select their own perfect snacks.


Meet The Team

Borne of late nights discussing inequality and hunger in the US during their MBA program, our team decided to unleash their passion on food insecurity


Michelle Egger

Founder & Chief Executive Optimist

As a food scientist, Michelle has a deep love for eradicating food insecurity and hunger. Michelle believes access to healthy food is a human right and that business must have a vital role in bringing great options to all of humanity. She loves to cook and invite strangers over for dinner, travel with family and friends to absorb food cultures of the world, and hang with her dog in the woods.


Sarah Herbert

Director of Making it Work & Positivity

Though the resume reads aspiring MBA/former consultant, Sarah is most passionate about the community and care of others found through food. Convinced business has the power to do some serious good, especially when a team of kickass women put their minds to it. Life’s great loves are Sam, Houston, Texas, and everything bagels.


Kiersten Chresfield

Director of Ops & Top Task Master

Former food desert resident and consultant, Kiersten is passionate about increasing access to healthy food options. She’s spent a lot of time in and around the communities Resilient Foods aims to serve and understands just how much food has the ability to change lives.

How It Works

With Resilient Foods, it's a piece of cake to do good

(and you can eat it too)

Learn how Resilient Foods Solves Food Insecurity

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Hear From Our Recipients

"The last thing you want to do is go to bed at night thinking if your kids are going to have a meal the next day, if they're going to be hungry. Without opportunities like this, you wouldn't just have to worry about lights or electricity being cut off, you'd have to worry about kids starving because there's not enough resources."

"I am happy I have this resource to help feed my family. It’s almost like a grocery store, and the online support is very helpful. They know me by name."

"I am a single mother, a teacher’s assistant, and my child is seven. He has a medical condition as well that costs us a lot of money every month, so this really helps offset that cost and stress. I don’t have to worry about snacks and food, I can just focus on him and my energy can go somewhere else."